Get Paid To Write Your Book.

Unless you are a recognized writer, celebrity or have already published several books, it is highly unlikely that a traditional publisher will pay you an advance to write your book. But if you have a solid concept, a good plan and an audience that is craving your anticipated book, you can ask for donations or pre-orders.

Authr allows you to set up a Fundraising page to give away your book as an incentive when people donate a minimum of $5, $10 or even $20 to your project. While you are busy writing and perfecting your book for publishing, your friends, family and fans can show their support by helping you reach your donation goal.

As you're getting donations and pre-sales for your book, you're now getting paid to write.

No, Really. Learn how in 5 easy steps!

  • Step 1. Sign-In
  • Step 2. Build your book cover (it's free!)
  • Step 3. Enable Donations or Pre-Orders
  • Step 4. Setup your donation/pre-order campaign
  • Step 5. Make your book project "Public" & Share it!

You're Done! Now visit your Author Page and share the page via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, etc. The more people that know about your page the faster you will reach your fundraising goals.

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By the time you've reached your donation goal you've already pre-sold hundreds of books and got paid to write it.

Interested? We've actually written an eBook to help you get started!

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Get Paid To Write Your Book: Raise all the money you need for your book project through donations and pre-sales of your book. Authr's services will make your fundraising efforts easy! Sign-up Today to get started.


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